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Environmental Screening

Environmental Assessments

EWI and our partner companies are dedicated to staying compliant with today's strict laws and regulations that govern the waste management process. We perform in-depth environmental assessments at all our locations to ensure that each one is within specific parameters. Below are the reports from our most recent assessment, still in progress, that is dedicated to maintaining a safe waste processing environment that does what it can to reduce the carbon footprint. 

Ellsin Environmental Assessment

Ellsin Environment Ltd., is the facility in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario that implemented the original TR-900 pilot tire processing plant from EWI. As of April 10, 2017, they are proposing an increase in the processing capacity from 10 tonnes a day to 20 tonnes. Doubling the processing capacity means an environmental assessment must be conducted under Ontario's laws. 

Regulation 101/07 (Waste Management Projects Regulation) of the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act is what governs this assessment.

If you are a member of an indigenous community, the general public, an agency, or are just an interested individual, feel free to attend the Public Open House (see the PDF below). Contact us for more information about the events, process, and to identify any issues or concerns you may have. 

Ellsin Notice of Commencement

Ellsin Notice of Public Open House

Ellsin Notice of Completion

Environmental Screening Report

Notice of Completion 2019

Environmental Screening Report 2019



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