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1751 Wentworth Street, Unit 1, Whitby, ON, L1N 8R6
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Since 1992, EWI has been making advancements in the environmental industry. Located in Whitby, Ontario, this Canadian company designs specialized eco-friendly waste reduction solutions and systems. Utilizing the patented Reverse Polymerization and patent pending Hybrid Microwave process, EWI supplies clients in a range of sectors with, environmentally sound solutions that are both economically positive and permit the recovery of products.



The Reverse Polymerization™ process was first conceptualized in the 1980s by Dr. C. L. Emery. In 1992, EWI took over development of the process. Initial work on the project focused on developing pilot plants to improve internal understanding of the operational parameters involved prior to commercialization. EWI's development has lead to the Hybrid Microwave process.

The knowledge gained allowed EWI to design and build commercial units for:

  • Continuous feed tire reduction
  • Biological wastewater sterilization
  • Shipboard food waste sterilization/dehydration
  • Batch-based infectious medical waste sterilization

The company continues to work on the marketing and sales of systems designed to break down used tires, medical waste, food waste and biological wastewater effluent.

EWI is a public traded company listed as EWS on the Canadian Venture Exchange (TSX).




U.S. Tire PatentMedical Waste Patent (Europe)Medical Waste Patent (Canada)
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