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Tire Recycling System

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

EWS installed the TR900 Pilot Plant at the Ellsin Environmental facility in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. EWS will work with the Ellsin facility to continue developing and improving the tire system’s design and operation.


Wastewater Sterilization Systems

Beltsville, Maryland

EWI installed the F6000 at the USDA APHIS ARS Germplasm Biological Quarantine facility. The USDA studies plant diseases and all of the high containment effluent is sterilized by the FS-6000. The FS-6000 is designed to process 2,000 US gallons per shift or up to 10,000 US gallons per day. EWS works with the USDA on an ongoing basis.

Chicago, Illinois

EWI installed the FS-POD at Abbott Labs in the Chicago area. The FS-POD sterilizes the effluents from one of their research laboratories and can process up to 200 gallons of effluent per day.


Food Sterilization System

Shipboard Installation (At Sea), Royal Navy

An arm of the UK Ministry of Defence commissioned EWI to design and build a system for the sterilization of food waste onboard naval vessels. EWI delivered the FD-20 as a prototype and test system to meet their requirements.
Extensive testing has been performed, and the results show treated waste can be stored for over 90 days without any production of fermentation gases.


Medical Waste Systems

Liverpool, England

EWI installed and commissioned the EWI MD-1000 in Liverpool, UK. The system was upgraded from a standard off-gas treatment system utilizing a thermal oxidizer to a turbine gas treatment and energy recovery system. The MD-1000 system passed all testing required for environmental approvals.

The Liverpool installation features two 30 kW microturbines which process off-gases to co-generate electricity. The electrical production helps to reduce operating costs and improves energy efficiency. An optional energy recovery unit would provide energy for heating and cooling of the entire facility.

The microturbine feature also eliminated the need for a stack or chimney as normal venting met all environmental standards.


U.S. Tire PatentMedical Waste Patent (Europe)Medical Waste Patent (Canada)
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