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Biocontainment Process

The FS-Series sterilizers incorporate two effective methods of sterilization, applied simultaneously:

  1. Direct application of high-energy microwaves to effect organism cellular chemical bond cleavage. This is based on EWI’s patented Reverse Polymerization (RP) technology.
  2. An applied & sustained temperature above atmospheric pressure within a pressure vessel for a predetermined waste batch DWELL time. Together, super-heating the waste stream and applying direct microwave energy, ensures that all pathogens and spores are deactivated, not only in free suspension, but also those pathogens attached to solids in the suspension matrix. Agitation within the pressurized sterilization vessel optimizes uniform heat distribution that ultimately ensures full pathogen deactivation.

Where Are They Operating?

EWI’s FS6000 liquid waste sterilizing system is installed and commissioned at the APHIS Center in Beltsville, Maryland, a BSL III Ag laboratory operated by the United States Department of Agriculture. Its function is to perform pre-programmed thermal deactivation of aqueous biological waste that may contain suspended solids. This specialized institutional, pre-sanitary, Biological Liquid Waste deactivation discharge treatment system is poised to become the industry standard for BSL III Ag and BSL IV facilities worldwide. Responsibility to treat potentially lethal biological liquid waste effluents is consistent with biological security measures being implemented globally.

This specific batch system incorporates user definable operating parameters and cycles at prescribed temperatures, pressures and batch retention times. Daily throughputs are variable. System start-up, operation and shutdown are completely automatic. The system is designed to minimize heat loss through an enhanced energy recovery module. The defined operating conditions and RP Process serve to deactivate all pathogens in biological liquid waste streams including those attached to or forming the suspended solids.


U.S. Tire PatentMedical Waste Patent (Europe)Medical Waste Patent (Canada)
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