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These press releases are a record of the innovation and enterprise of which EWI (TSX: EWS) is capable. 

EWI Project in Denmark Receives Environmental Approval
August 06, 2021

WindSpace is pleased to announce that the Nyborg Municipality has today granted an updated environmental permit to its Elysium Nordic project including planned adjustments and improvements of processes and technology of the plant.

Jens Elton Andersen, CEO of Elysium Nordic, says: “We are very pleased that we have obtained this updated environmental permit which allows for improvements to the plant and to the environment.”

Nyborg Municipality granted environmental permit for the Nyborg plant on October 30th, 2020. This permit has now been amended to include planned adjustments and improvements. The improvements include:

  • increased energy efficiency
  • zero wastewater discharge
  • improved quality of recovered materials

The permit conditions from the original environmental permit remain in force.

The updated permit is an important milestone towards construction of the plant expected to start in 2022 and to be operational from 2023. The Nyborg plant is initially expected to be able to create 35 jobs.

The Elysium Nordic plant is a circular economy facility that will convert 30,000 tons of used tires per year to carbon black, bio-oil, and metals which can all be recycled to make new tires and avoid a significant amount of CO2 emission per year. All major tire manufacturers have significant strategic targets for the use of recycled materials for their future tire production. This entails a need for the construction of a significant number of similar plants within EU.

Elysium Nordic has earlier announced that it has obtained the EU-wide exclusive use of pyrolysis technology from the Canadian company Environmental Waste International Inc.
Elysium Nordic considers their technology pioneering with the use of a combined heat & microwave-based technology. This process results in even cleaner recovered end products.

In connection with the financing, Elysium Nordic has entered into an agreement with the specialist advisory firm focusing on the renewable energy sector, Green Giraffe for raising capital for the construction of the facility.


U.S. Tire PatentMedical Waste Patent (Europe)Medical Waste Patent (Canada)
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